Monday, February 25, 2013

Some Inspiration for 3x5 Geomorphs

After an initial flurry of folks making 3x5 geomorphs, there has been a dearth of creativity (though it does look like Gordon of Applied Phantasticality is going to make them a weekly feature!).

Thus, I offer these tables as a catalyst for naming landmarks around which a 3x5 geomorph might be made. Roll a d12 on each table and choose one of the descriptors from the three options from each roll to come up with a name:
  1. The [Altar, Dias, Table] of
  2. The [Arrows, Hands, Hooks] of
  3. The [Chasm, Defile, Rift] of
  4. The [Coffin, Ossuary, Urn] of
  5. The [Column, Pillar, Statue] of
  6. The [Dome, Rotunda, Vault] of
  7. The [Egress, Gate, Portal] of
  8. The [Elevator, Ladder, Stairs] of
  9. The [Forge, Furnace, Hearth] of
  10. The [Fountain, Reservoir, Well] of
  11. The [Pyramid, Tomb, Ziggurat] of
  12. The [Runes, Symbols, Writings] of
  1. Ambition, Dreams, Sleep
  2. Anger, Rage, Wrath
  3. Annihilation, Death, Destruction
  4. Awareness, Consciousness, Knowledge
  5. Bronze, Copper, Tin
  6. Chance, Fate, Fortune
  7. the [Crown, King, Star]
  8. Delusion, Illusion, Nightmares
  9. the [Elders, Forgotten Ones, Old Ones]
  10. the [Mage, Necromancer, Warlock]
  11. Mystery, Puzzle, Riddles
  12. Offering, Sacrifice, Slaughter
For example, if one rolled a ‘2’ and a ‘9’ here are some of the options one could come up with:
  • The Hands of the Forgotten Ones
  • The Hooks of the Old Ones
  • The Arrows of the Elders
Finally, how could I not be inspired to, at least, produce one geomorph based upon one of these randomized landmarks?

I hope this inspires those who have not dipped their toe in the 3x5 pool to give it a try...


Gordon Cooper said...

The tables will be very helpful. Your example (The Hands of the Forgotten Ones) is one of my favorite 3x5 geomorphs so far.

Roger G-S said...

I do not want to go in that room!

Andrew said...

That is NEAT.