Thursday, July 6, 2023

Some Really Good Swords & Wizardry News

For those who did not back Matt Finch's most recent edition of Swords & Wizardry on Kickstarter, he just announced, what is for me, really exciting news. It looks as if Mythmere Games will pass on using the ORC license and will instead produce its own based on the OGL but with some tweaks to shore up some of the weaknesses of the OGL.

Ever since the WotC OGL debacle earlier this year, Matt has been considering making his own license, but wanted to wait on the work being done on ORC. When I heard that, I was really excited, because while S&W may not be my go to ruleset to use at the table, it is my go to ruleset to write for. Personally, based on what I have seen of the ORC license, it is not something I would choose to use. So, if Matt does produce said license, a good number of the stuff I have written in the past and the stuff I will write in the future will have a home.

Given that Matt was one of the pioneers in the world of retro-clones (he also had a hand in OSRIC), I would suggest going over to Mythmere Games and giving him some support.