Tuesday, February 12, 2013

More 3x5 Geomorphs

Just a heads up that Gordon Cooper of Applied Phantasticality has taken up my challenge to make some 3x5 geomorphs here and here. Gordon complains that these are a bit rough; however, one of the very reasons that I so like the 3x5 format is that they produce a dungeon that feels organic in a way that graph paper-made and computer generated dungeons do not. Indeed, if one looks at extant underground structures, like the catacombs of Rome, they look nothing like the clean-lined, finished looking dungeons that have dominated the hobby for years:

Freeing oneself of the grid allows the geomorph to mimic the way a dungeon would naturally come to be: a little rough regardless of the skill of those who made it.

Gordon says he has more on the way (with named landmarks, no less). I, for one, look forward to seeing them. I also hope that Gordon is not the only one who takes up the challenge.


  1. Those are rather good. Damned if I can think of a way I'll find a use for 'em, but rather nice. Well done that man.

  2. I missed these the first time around, but I like the idea and made a few pretty hastily. Unfortunately my scanner sucks, I don't know if they'll come out. I'll post them if they do.

  3. I'm slow, but I've got a start.


  4. Has anyone else applied this idea to cities?