Wednesday, February 13, 2013

A Growing Collection of 3x5 Geomorphs

This is simply a post where I will collect all of the links to 3x5 geomorphs that I become aware of:

Matt Jackson, Lapsus Calumni

Micromap II
Micromap III - Goblin Bridge Crossing
Micromap IV - Firderk's Hovel
Micromap V - Firderk's Quarters
Micromap VI - The Big Chamber

Gordon Cooper, Applied Phantasicality:

Specific 3x5 Geomorphs 1-4
Generic 3x5 Geomorphs 5-8
Generic 3x5 Geomorphs 1-4

Andrew Shields, Fictive Fanatsies

Prokopian 3x5 Geomorph - Drowning Shrine
The Grand Stair

FrDave, Blood of Prokopius

A 3x5 Map Experiment
Why 3x5 Geomorphs?
Some Inspiration for 3x5 Geomorphs

Consider this to be an open thread to let me know about others as they get posted. Thanks to everyone who has participated in this experiment!


Andrew said...

Here we go.

Gordon Cooper said...

Just added some 3x5 geomorphs with labelled landmarks:

Specific 3x5 Geomorphs 1-4