Friday, November 2, 2012

The Slave Pits of Abhoth

Earlier this week, I posted an update on my version of the Slave Pits of the Undercity. The main purpose of that post (besides putting pressure on myself to finish the project), was to ask the question of those who know better than I: what is the best, easiest and safest way to get people the .pdf who want it?

Unfortunately, the post has not garnered a lot of hits and the only comment thus far was some (much appreciated) encouragement. One of the big hurdles that I managed to get over this week (and one of the reasons that there is a light at the end of this tunnel) is the cover art. I wanted to do it myself and to do something that not only gave a loving homage to the original Slave Pits, but also to demonstrate that this not the Slave Pits of the Undercity. I am going to share in hopes that this gets a bit more traffic and possibly an answer to my question:



  1. Great idea. If you're wanting to publish this and make it available for free the simplest and easiest method would be to set up a dedicated Dropbox account and upload the file to it. Then play with the Dropbox settings so the file can't be edited and then make the link available on your site.

    Hope this helps.

  2. Another option is MediaFire, which is what we used for the Lands of Ara Compendium 2011.

    Looking forward to this!

  3. google docs is another option! simple to upload it for sharing

  4. There are several options: Dropbox and Google Drive have already been mentioned. Or maybe a make it available through Drive-Thru-RPG for a nominal cost, the proceeds from which you donate to charity? (If I understand your intention with this right; that is, as a not for profit project.)

  5. I love tribute/reimagined adventures!

  6. I have used MediaFire myself, as many bloggers recommended it to me. It works like a charm.

    Sounds like that slave pits reworking would be a hoot to play!

  7. I'd rank Google Drive above Dropbox and MediaFire as the best option. Of the latter two, I'd think MediaFire would be easiest for you, but security software seems increasingly distrustful of MediaFire for some reason.

  8. MediaFire is good. I use it a lot. A caveat: you really need to browse there with Firefox with the AdBlock extension installed and up-to-date, unless you like ads for porn.

    Dropbox is good, but I'm not sure about the sharing option. I just use it as an intermediary to share files between computers and my phone.

    I have not used Google Drive.

    I have also used Scribd and Google Docs recently, and they work well.

  9. I'm not sure how Blogger works, but I posted the .pdf directly on a page of my blog. If you wanted to share it for sale, I imagine RPGNow would be a good option.

    I really look forward to seeing this! If you want some more art help, I may be able to help.