Thursday, June 18, 2020

The Gygax Challenge Part 8

The next step in creating the Town for the Gygax 75 Challenge are the NPCs. Otus suggests five (which nicely fits into a Wu Xing diagram) with what he calls DNA — Distinguishing trait or feature, a Need, and an Agenda or Asset.

Since I plan on using the Wu Xing diagram, I want the five NPCs to be representative of larger groups or ideas. I have already developed four:
  • Terran Empire
  • Sylvan Sindacate
  • Longshoreman’s Guild
  • The Church of the Holy Light
That just leaves me one…and I figure that should represent the general interests of the Dwarves and Gnomes. So, onto the NPCs:

Sir Donhall, Lord of Darkport Keep, Imperial Knight of the Brotherhood of the Sword
Noble AC 2 HD 3 AL Lawful
D: Sir Donall is an imposing figure at 6’7” and is a veteran of many battles. He has a star shaped scar where he was hit in the left eye by a laser. Magic healed the eye, but left his face disfigured. Colloquially known as “Star Lord,” no one dares call him that to his face.
N:Sir Donall is short on men. He doesn't have enough soldiers to spare to properly patrol the Wilderness around Darkport. Therefore, he is quite happy to work with adventurers and to tolerate their presence and antics.
A: Sir Donhall sees the growing influence of the Longshoreman's Guild as a threat. He seeks allies and ways to curb their power.

Gwydwyn the Elf, Alchemist of the Syndicate
4th level Elf AC5 HD 4+4* AL Neutral
D: Gwydwyn is the only NPC elf in town. Unlike most of her kin, she shows quite a bit of interest in humans.
N: Gwydwyn is actually a spy. The Syndicate are fearful that the Longshoreman’s Guild might begin to become interested in obtaining more magic. Gwydwyn therefore needs more information about the Guild leadership.
A: As an alchemist, Gwydwyn can offer PCs potions. As I noted in my last post, these come with the caveat that they may not actually work. This is also a means for Gwydwyn to monitor how much the PCs invade elf “territory.” Note: should PCs start to request more powerful potions, she is likely to have the ingredients fail on purpose.

Guild Master Tagta, leader of the Longshoreman’s Guild
Skinwalker Overlord AC 5 HD 4* AL Chaotic
D: Tagta is actually a Skinwalker Overlord. He avoids public appearances whenever possible.
N: As a Skinwalker Overlord, Tagta needs a steady diet of human flesh. Being the Guild Master gives him plenty of access to incoming ships, where he selects crew members that are not likely to be missed.
A: Tagta knows that there is a Winter Witch city underneath the Lake of Black Ice and wants to see it destroyed. He has agents working within the Dungeon and will happily sponsor any adventurers interested in creating havoc in the lake.

Fr. Ganby, Vicar of the Church of the Holy Light
4th level Cleric AC 2 HD 4* AL Lawful
D: On a good day, with  proper posture, Fr. Ganby is five feet tall with a shock of unkempt red hair. Normally, his attire looks wrinkled and out of sorts; however, when leading any kind of service, his garments are immaculate.
N: Fr. Ganby is deeply interested in the ancient history of the area, and not just out of intellectual curiosity. He is aware that there are ancient relics found within the area that grant access to high level magic.
A: Fr. Ganby is secretly in possession of a Staff of Healing, a Scroll with a Cure Disease spell, and a Scroll with Remove Curse. He will only use these items if the need is dire.

Master Smith Maice
4th level Gnome AC 5 HD 4* AL Lawful
D: The golden beard Maice proudly wears is long for woman.
N: Sir Donall is always demanding that Maice and the other Gnomes and Dwarves use their precious time on his soldiers. It is beginning to cut into their profits.
A: Maice is the only source in Darkport that for chain and plate armor, plasma swords, and laser guns. Other weapons might be found on ships coming into Darkport, but the quality will be inferior to what can be procured from Maice.

Here is the Wu Xing diagram for the various factions in Darkport:

 In other words:
  • Sir Donall (Empire) is willing to work with the Gwydwyn (Elves) to keep an eye on Tagta (Guild).
  • Gwydwyn (Elves) works with Tagta (Guild) to keep tabs on him, but resents Maice (Dwarves & Gnomes) because of her loyalty to Human Civilization.
  • Tagta (Guild) works with Maice (Dwarves & Gnomes) to keep his men well equipped but sees Fr. Ganby (Church) as a threat because of his moral influence.
  • Maice (Dwarves & Gnomes) likes Fr. Ganby (Church) because he (and the Church) see the value of Dwarves and Gnomes beyond their craft, unlike Sir Donall who often uses his position to prioritize repairing and maintaining his solder's equipment above serving other customers.
  • Fr. Ganby (Church) likes to work with Sir Donall (Empire) because it is easier to serve the people when law and order keep the peace; however, he is acutely aware that Gwydwyn is blocking many of his efforts at magical research.


Anzon said...

I'm impressed five factions works (rather than just confusing people). I guess it is more nuanced than a smaller number

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Great work Father

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