Monday, August 28, 2017

Star Lite Rough Draft

So, I have settled on a name for my SF + SWL Mash-up: Star Lite. I type-set it and mocked it up on some thick stock paper so that it can stand and double as a Referee Screen:

At this stage, I am proof-reading to make sure this is clean as possible before I send it out into the ether to let folks do what they will with it. I am also at a bit of a cross-roads in terms of how I want to release this. I can proof in one of two directions: make it OGL-friendly or avoid any association with the OGL at all.

In truth, I have been keeping the latter as my default position, following in the footsteps of Kevin Crawford of Stars Without Number fame. There are a couple of phrases I need to edit to make me feel more comfortable doing so, but it will be the easier of the two routes and the one that would be the more complete game.

I am looking to keep this to a four page document so that anyone can do what I have done above with just a tad bit of effort. If I go the OGL route, I will have to lose content in order to make room for the license mumbo-jumbo in really tiny print at the bottom of one of the pages (like SWL). That content would be ship-to-ship combat. The up side to this is that I could edit it to be far more friendly to someone looking to convert over to S&W, SWL, B/X, etc.

Any thoughts, preferences or objections?


Alistair said...

Just a lurker but since you asked for thoughts and your blog is one of 6-8 i regularly check here is my two cents worth. I'm not really sure what the practical implications of OGL vs NON-OGL are. But I've bought a few of Kevin Crawfords products and like his stuff and approach so going that way seems fine.

FrDave said...

Thanks for lurking, thanks for the advice and thanks for the praise.