Thursday, March 8, 2012

Slave Pits: Map of Hinsmount

What follows is the map of Hinsmount — the village of kua-toa halfbreeds/sea bloods on Hicwind Island (the area in which I plan to place my re-imaged version of A1: The Salve Pits of the Undercity):

Some notes:
  • Most of the houses are actually the hulls of ships flipped over onto the foundations of what remained of Hinsmount after the pirates/humanoid raiders destroyed it.
  • Unlabeled houses are the homes of fishermen. The small homes will house 1d2 halfbreeds/sea bloods. The larger homes will house 1d4+1 halfbreeds/sea bloods. These will be unoccupied most nights (when the fishermen go fishing or are involved in rituals at the castle).
  • The beach area (the dark band next to the water) has scores of sticks shoved into the sand. When they aren't using them to fish, the boats of the village are tied down to these sticks.
  • Farmers: These halfbreeds/sea bloods maintain some sad looking fields north of the village. They work their fields during the day; therefore these buildings will be occupied at night.
  • Storehouse: This is a catch-all storage place for the village. Farm implements, broken fishing equipment, wood and other fuels for the smokehouse can all be found here.
  • Shed: This is a storage area used by the fishermen for various items they use while fishing like nets and hooks.
  • Net makers: These homes house the halfbreeds/sea bloods that make and repair the nets (both those used by the slavers and those used by the fishermen). They tend to work during the day, but are otherwise almost always found in these buildings.
  • Kennels: These buildings are used to house the "sting-hounds." These creatures are one of the successful experiments by the kuo-toa/deep ones. They are a combination of bloodhound and sting ray. They use their stingers to temporarily paralyze intruders or escaped slaves. At any one time there will be 1d8+1 sting-hounds here.
  • Dog Handler: This is the house of the halfbreed/sea blood who trains and cares for the sting-hounds. He is a 3rd level fighter who prefers to use a whip or a net. He is normally patrolling the island at night.
  • Chief Fishermen: This is the day-to-day leader of the halfbreeds/sea bloods. He is a 5th level assassin.
  • Village Elder: This is who the village goes to for advice on issues the Chief Fisherman cannot resolve on his own. The elder is advanced in her devolution towards becoming a full-blooded kuo-toa/deep one. She is a 5th level magic user.
  • Alchemist: This halfbreed/sea blood primarily gathers and processes herbs and ingredients used by the kuo-toa in their vile experiments. He does, however, keep a decent supply of healing salves, which are the equivalent of a potion of healing. There will always be 1d3 salves available. He wanders the island during the day looking for ingredients. He is a 3rd level magic user.
  • Guardhouse: There will always be 1d6 2nd level fighters here guarding the beach. They are led by a 3rd level fighter. They are armed with crossbows and harpoons.
  • Three stone buildings survived the pirates/humanoid raiders. One is used as a meeting hall for the village. One is used as a smokehouse where the fishermen process, preserve and smoke their catches. The last is used as a smithy, where various metal tools are made and repaired. There will be 1d3+1 halfbreeds/sea bloods at these three building at all times.
  • There once was a path from the village to the castle; however, the slavers do not want to call attention to the castle, as that is where some of their more vile experiments occur. They have, therefore, gone to the trouble of covering that path up. If a villager needs to get to the castle,  they will likely get there using the underground tunnels carved by the kuo-toa. They are entered by either using a boat to go through the cave opening on the north side of the island, or via the old temple.


Anthony said...

Nice map and description. I like the touch of using overturned hulls for buildings, indicating the inhabitants can only live off Man's ruins, not create anything of their own.

Andrew said...

This looks great!

Rusty said...

Really enjoying the new flesh on old bones approach you're taking! Thanks!