Wednesday, July 27, 2011


One of the monsters that is specifically mentioned as being a denizen of the forests of Averoigne is the goblin. Given that Holmes sets a precedent for making up your own monsters by his example of doing so with his own Sample Dungeon, I thought it appropriate to make the goblin a little more interesting than merely a 1-1HD monster who doesn't like sunlight. Since I've already made elves and dwarves fey-touched and since goblins are a twisted version of dwarves, I've used various fey and goblin inspired myths and folklore to come up with the following goblin variants (all of which use normal Goblin stats):


These goblins are excellent trackers and experts at stealth and ambush. They surprise with a 1-3 on a d6. Bogie kings and champions fight as Bugbears.


These are water goblins who are able to use Charm Person to lure their victims into the water to drown and be eaten.


These greedy goblins can always be found near their lair steadfastly guarding their treasure (they have a treasure type C; if no treasure is rolled, roll until there is [if using LL, always use Hoard Class XX regardless of the number encountered]). To do this, they can Transmute Rock to Mud and Control Plants as per the spells.


These goblins have the ability to shape change into a type of wild animal. This ability also gives them affinity towards this animal type, allowing them the ability to summon 1d8 of these animals.

Red Caps

These crazed and violent goblins behave as if a permanent Haste spell has been cast upon them.


These are winged goblins. If they are able to attack with a dive, all damage done from the dive attack is doubled.


Anonymous said...

Simple, and very cool.

Anthony said...

Still 1-1 HD, or does that vary with type? And nice interpretations. :)

ERIC! said...

I really like the idea of doing this with monsters, it gives the game world depth, allows for PC surprise moments and can be a great way to make your campaign memorable.

FrDave said...

Thanks for the kind words, guys.

I intend to have them all 1-1HD...until I decide not to. ;)

Erin Smale said...

These are great mods.

Tzimiscedracul said...

Great post, excellent ideas to give more flavor to goblins.