Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Slave Pits: Map of the Temple

Here is the last map for my re-imagining of the Slave Pits:

Notes: Much of the eastern wall, the temple itself and the monastic cells were destroyed when the followers of St. Cuthbert were slaughtered; however, the building with guest rooms was spared much of the destruction. The tower is new construction.

The half-breeds/sea blood who guard the Temple do so specifically to obfuscate the entrance to the Slave Pits. Like the villagers of Hinsmount, they will be unwelcoming of strangers and insist that the Temple is under repair and not safe for visitors.

  1. The Temple — this has been largely ignored by the Kuo-Toa/Deep Ones. The location marked 'a' is what remains of the altar. If searched 2d6 Beads of St. Cuthbert can be found.
  2. Guest Room — these are now primarily used the the Half-breeds/Sea Bloods in charge of guarding the temple. There will be 1d3-1 present at all times.
  3. Apse with Mosaic — these miraculously survived both the pirates/humanoids and the Kuo-Toas/Deep Ones. They depict the arrival of St. Cuthbert, his life and the miracles performed through him. For those who wish to have St. Cuthbert a visitor to your campaign world from our own earth, this would be one way to give the PCs a clue about his origin.
  4. Chapel — this has been thoroughly defiled and is now used as an entrance into the Slave Pits.
  5. Guest Greeting Room — this used to be where guests were welcomed and shown to their rooms. It is now used as a guard room with 1d6 half-breeds/sea bloods at all times.
  6. Monastic Cells — although these cells have been spared destruction, the Kuo-Toa/Deep Ones have largely ignored them, though the ones closer to the kitchen (Rm. 9) will occasionally be used for storage. One is also used as a kennel for three sting hounds who are used when intruders become too nosey.
  7. Monastic Cells — these have have been destroyed and are in various states of disrepair. At best, the walls are still standing, but the ceiling has collapsed. At worst they are nothing but rubble.
  8. Monastic Cell — a giant spider has made its lair here.
  9. Kitchen — this is still used by the guards as a place to prepare meals. These primarily consists of fish brought to the temple from the village.
  10. Refectory — this is still used as the primary place for the guards to eat. At one time, the walls were decorated in mosaic icons. These have mostly been destroyed.
  11. Guard Tower — this poorly constructed two-story look-out tower is made from rubble. It is used by the guards to scan the immediate area for intruders. There will always be 1d6 half-breeds/sea bloods here.
  12. Outhouse
  13. Guardhouse/Registry — at one time, this was where guests would register to stay at the monastery and temple. For those interested, these records (while in poor shape) have survived. There is also a current, fake registry book (of different manufacture) where there are a combination of fake and real entries (the real ones being stubborn visitors to the island who may or may not now be slaves). There will always be 1d6 half-breeds/sea bloods here.
  14. Courtyard — once a place of peace and contemplation, the tree in the middle of the yard has suffered so much spiritual and physical pain from both the pirates/humanoids and Kuo-Toa/Deep Ones it is now undead.
  15. Reliquary — this is where the relics of St. Cuthbert are kept. Unknown to the Kuo-Toa/Deep Ones, there is a secret trap door in the floor beneath the rubble. This leads to a crypt wherein are the relics of the saint. He is holding his Gospel. Should PCs manage to find this place, it will provide a safe haven for them to rest and recover (no wandering monster checks).


Anthony said...

An undead tree? Is this a creation of your own, or a FF critter I'm forgetting?

Gordon Cooper said...

I like it!

The undead tree raises some interesting questions...

FrDave said...

No, you didn't miss anything from the FF. I have always liked the idea of hostile trees from both Tolkien and Wizard of Oz. Throw in the sheer amount of despair that permeates Hucwind island and it just made sense to throw undead at the idea of the hostile tree.

Anonymous said...

So... this will end up in a .pdf we can subject players to, right? =)

FrDave said...

That is the plan...=)