Saturday, September 3, 2011

Saintly Saturday: St. Anthimos

Today is the feast of St. Anthimos, Bishop of Nicomedea. During the reign of the Emperor Maximian at the beginning of the 4th century, thousands of Christians were rounded up in Nicomedia to be put to trial and martyred. St. Anthimos managed to evade imperial troops and went into hiding along with what remained of his flock.

When the emperor learned that the bishop was still at large, he called for a manhunt. When soldiers found the saint, they did not recognize their quarry when the bishop promised to show them where Anthimos was. The saint brought them into his home, fed them and treated them as guests. After the meal, he revealed himself. Amazed by the bishop's kindness, they wished to help hide the saint; however, in order to protect the soldiers, Anthimos willingly went with them. On the way, he converted and baptized the soldiers who arrested him. He was tortured and beheaded in AD 303 or 304.


The Skull of St. Florian

This artifact appears to be a normal human skull, save for the ornate cross carved into its forehead. It will be revealed as magical should a Detect Magic be cast upon it. Once per week, the skull may be asked to provide sustenance. The skull will then cast Create Food and Water as a ninth level cleric; however, the real power of the skull is only revealed when a Lawful creature uses the skull's bounty to feed and care for Chaotic creatures. Such creatures will be subject to the same effects as a Helm of Opposite Alignment.

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