Tuesday, February 6, 2018

SWCL Adventure Module: The Hermit Caves

I've been slowly grinding away at my own version of The Temple of Elemental Evil, and I have finished the first section: The Hermit Caves. As I mentioned in a previous post, I am releasing this SWCL megadungeon piecemeal. In this way, I can get the parts of this project I've finished out more quickly (as opposed to waiting until the whole project is done), but I also get to experiment with the design goal of flexibility. This module can be run as-is, easily attached to an existing dungeon or be used in conjunction with my other MyToEE adventures.

As per usual, this comes with the disclaimer that I am a hobbyist and have edited this as best as I am able, but there will be mistakes. Please consider the comment section a thread for any typos etc. that you catch. Thank you!

The file can be found here.


Ifryt said...

Yesterday I ran this module as an introduction to my new campaign. It was excellent! One of the best modules that I ran! I converted it for 5th edition, but I’m sure the feeling from the play was as intended. There was some traditional combat with giant rats, but to deal with lycanthropes without silver or magical weapons players had to be a little ingenious. Some wererats were caught with quickly made lasso, Philbel was trapped in the chest in his lab, and with Gramme players made hilarious negotiations. The location of Reliquary was concluded after exploring more than a half of caves. Players went to the caves with a mission from St. Cuthbert monastery to find The Epitrachelion of St. Cuthbert and to perform holy ritual at it to cleanse the cursed place. The Exsanguination Chamber and blood rats were nicely creepy. I’m very pleased with this session. Thank you for the great module!

FrDave said...

Wow. Thank you! You don't know how happy this makes me...the fact that you made it yours, that you converted it to be used with 5e and that you had fun means that you used this module exactly the way it was intended. Awesome!

Ifryt said...

The size of the dungeon is perfect, too. We used it for one 4 hours session. Characters haven't explored all areas, but enough to make sense of what is going on. Your idea to make separate small dungeons that can be combined into a megadungeon is very useful.

Ifryt said...

I wrote a review of this module. It is in Polish on my blog: http://ifrytrpg.blogspot.com/2018/02/the-hermit-caves-recenzja.html