Monday, December 25, 2017

Christ is Born!

Merry Christmas!

A great and paradoxal miracle has taken place today. A Virgin has given birth, and there is no damage to her womb. The Word becomes flesh, and He is not separated from the Father. Angels and Shepherds give glory, and we join them in shouting: "Glory in the highest to God, and on earth let there be peace." — Aposticha of Christmas


Anonymous said...

I'm not a natural English speaker, so that might be why I'm lost on this one. But what is meant with "and there is no damage to her womb"? I don't recall anything smiler in danish regarding Mary, and my wife have born two boys with nu "damage" to the womb, so what don't I get – realizing it's just me not getting it :)

Conrad Kinch said...

Merry Christmas Father. What a miracle!

FrDave said...

Every woman is "damaged" when they give birth. Even if there is no tearing, they go through extreme physical pain. This is a consequence of the Fall, as it was explained to Eve after she ate of the fruit.

The Orthodox Church claims that Mary gave birth "without corruption" (no damage) and is therefore a virgin before, during and after childbirth. Therefore, she is the New Eve.

To put it another way, all of the various cinematic representations of Mary giving birth to Christ are incorrect — as the New Eve she gives birth without travail (without damage).

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Dave. If I had read "without corruption" on my own I would have understood it as without having intercourse. As I am reading different Church ideas this is nice to have explained.

Anyways, to be on topic:
Marry Christmas to you and yours.