Wednesday, May 15, 2013

The Salian Scion Class for ACKS

The next class to tackle in my conversion process to ACKS for my Averoigne campaign is my Holmesian Paladin. This class really came about as an opportunity to offer an HTH-only fighter type in the way the Holmesian Ranger is missile/thrown-only. I also took advantage of the DEX-based initiative system of Holmes by allowing the Holmesian Paladin to trade places with people on the initiative order.

Since initiative is dynamic in ACKS and a mere +1 to an individual’s initiative is considered a custom power, I am not going to try and go the initiative route. Rather, I am going to play up the original meaning of paladin which refers to a trusted military leader or imperial officer.

Since I have heavily used the history of the Merovingian Kings as a source of inspiration, I thought it apropos to allow the Salians to have a flavored version of the fighter type in the same way that I made my ACKS ranger Averni for flavor purposes. Thus, I will use the name Salian Scion to describe this conversion of the Holmesian Paladin:

The Salian Scion Class for ACKS

Prime Requisite: STR and CHA
Requirements: Must be Salian or have an approved backstory for a non-Salian
Hit Dice: 1d8
Maximum Level: 14
Although the Salians are recent interlopers in Averoigne, theirs is a Kingdom that has lasted nearly a thousand years. Thus, the noble families of the Salians are both well-established and steeped in tradition. There is also a need for those who are not first born to go out on their own and make a name for themselves, since they are not to inherent the family title or lands. Salian Scions represent these title-less noble born who seek to carve out lands of their own.

Salian Scions may wear any type of armor but their sense of honor and military tradition frowns upon any weapons other than swords, daggers, morning stars, maces, or lances. Likewise, they eschew one fighting style according to their Family Military Tradition (see below). When the player chooses a weapon, the primary way that weapon is used will determine the fighting style the character will not have available:

  • If the weapon uses the two weapon fighting style than no two handed fighting style.
  • If the weapon uses the two handed fighting style than no weapon and shield fighting style.
  • If the weapon uses the weapon and shield fighting style than no two weapon fighting style.

In addition, Salian Scions have the following Custom Powers:

  • Blood of Kings: Due to their noble lineage, Salian Scions are allowed to take one more henchmen than their CHA allows and all henchmen have their morale raised by 1.
  • Family Military Tradition: Salian families are closely associated with certain weapons. For example, those who are descended from the Merovingians are known for their prowess with the Two-Handed Sword. A Salian Scion is trained starting at birth using this family weapon. Therefore, the player may select one weapon as a family weapon at character creation which cannot be changed later. The Salian Scion receives a +1 to attack rolls with this weapon. In addition, readying or sheathing this weapon counts as a free action.
  • Inspire Courage: At 2nd level, Salian Scions have perfected the art of improving morale of troops. Prior to battle, the Salian Scion may spend one round encouraging those around the character (50’ r.) and these allies gain a +1 to attack throws, damage rolls, morale rolls and saving throws against fear. This bonus lasts 1 turn. This can be done to any given character once per day per class level. This does not work on characters already engaged in combat.
  • Command of Voice: At 4th level, Salian Scions have earned enough of a reputation that their very words hold power. They receive a +2 bonus to reaction rolls to creatures spoken to. If the result is 12 or more, the subject acts as if charmed. Creatures with a higher WIS than the character’s CHA are immune.
  • Heroic Resilience: At 9th level, the Salian Scion has established himself as a hero and a leader. As a result, when the character is required to consult the Mortal Wounds table, the player may roll twice and choose the preferred results. The character may also subtract class level from the number of days of bed rest required to recover. [This is the same as the Savage Resilience custom power.]

Salian Scions fight and save as fighters, have the same proficiencies as fighters and use the Castle rules to build a Stronghold at 9th level.

XP progression looks like this:

  • Level 2: 2,600
  • Level 3: 5,200
  • Level 4: 10,400
  • Level 5: 20,800
  • Level 6: 41,600
  • Level 7: 83,200
  • Level 8: 164,400
  • Level 9: 328,800
  • Level 10: 448,800
  • Level 11: 568,800
  • Level 12: 688,800
  • Level 13: 808,800
  • Level 14: 928,800


Nicolas "Ungoliant" Senac said...

Nice class !

Unknown said...

I'm not too familiar with ACKS, but this looks like nice work and fun class to play. One odd thing struck me:

"A Salian Scion is trained starting at birth using this family weapon."

Must be tough on infants whose family weapon is the two-handed sword. ;-)

Greg Gorgonmilk said...

Perhaps the infant's early "education" is in the form of Spartan survival training? In other words, left on a hill alone, overnight. If the babe's still there and alive he has the blessing of [insert god] and has qualified for the next phase.

FrDave said...

I was thinking more along the lines that the family weapon is kept in the baby's presence at all times (such as next to or over the crib). Thus, the child will grow up more familiar with the weapon than even their parents (given the use of nursemaids).