Monday, May 20, 2013

The Brown Mage Class for ACKS

The next type of Tolkienesque Mages from my Averoigne campaign that I am going to convert to ACKS is the Brown Mage. Originally, these were supposed to be the mages free to operate outside the Guild and who could add some of the Druid spells to their repertoire. I have therefore tried to give the Brown Mage nature/animal friendly-type Custom Powers:

The Brown Mage for ACKS

Prime Requisite: INT
Requirements: Must be Lawful or Neutral
Hit Dice: 1d4
Maximum Level: 14
Brown Mages are arcane spell casters who study the way in which the patterns of nature parallel those in the arcane. Some see this as God speaking through nature, others simply see it as an intellectual curiosity. Many are allowed operate outside the Mage Guild because their studies normally are benign. In addition, this path of study tends to garner less arcane power than that of the normal (Grey) Mage.

Brown Mages gain and cast spells like normal Mages, however, at 2/3 of their character level (with anything .5 or higher rounded up). Thus, they don’t get to do Magic Research (minor) until 7th level and major Magical Research until 13th level. In addition, they only have one fighting style — two weapons.

They do, however, have the following Custom Powers:

  • Find the Patterns of Nature At 2nd level, the Brown Mage may study the minutia of an aspect of nature (such as the pattern of veins on a leaf) for 1 hour (6 turns) to regain one spell that they have already cast. A Brown Mage may not regain the same level of spell more than once per day through contemplation. [This is the same as the Contemplation proficiency]
  • Speak with Animals At 3rd level the Brown Mage may Speak with Animals as per the spell at will.
  • Friend of Birds and Beasts At 4th level a Brown Mage has become well-versed in the natural world and can identify plants and fauna with a proficiency throw of 11+. In addition, the Brown Mage understands the subtle body language and moods of birds and beasts and therefore gains +2 to all reaction rolls when encountering normal animals, and can take animals as henchmen.
  • Muster Animal Help At 5th level, a Brown Mage can use the Summon Animal spell as a spell-like ability once per day.
  • Rally Fantastic Beast At 8th level, a Brown Mage can use the Summon Fantastic Beast spell as a spell-like ability once per day.
  • Summon Elemental 11th level, a Brown Mage can use the Conjure Elemental spell as a spell-like ability once per day.

Brown Mages fight and save as Mages and build a Conservatory using the Hideout rules at 9th level.

Brown Mage Proficiency List: Alchemy, Animal Husbandry, Animal Training, Battle Magic, Collegiate Wizardry, Craft, Diplomacy, Elementalism, Elven Bloodline, Engineering, Familiar, Healing, Illusion Resistance, Knowledge, Language, Loremastery, Magical Engineering, Mapping, Mystic Aura, Naturalism, Quiet Magic, Passing Without Trace, Performance, Prestidigitation, Profession, Sensing Power, Tracking, Unflappable Casting

XP Progression looks like this:
  • Level 2: 2,075
  • Level 3: 4,150
  • Level 4: 8,300
  • Level 5: 16,600
  • Level 6: 33,200
  • Level 7: 65,000
  • Level 8: 130,000
  • Level 9: 280,000
  • Level 10: 430,00
  • Level 11: 580,000
  • Level 12: 730,000
  • Level 13: 880,000
  • Level 14: 1,030,000

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