Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Right On WotC!

In my cynical moments, this was a day I thought I would never see. WotC has actually returned the D&D .pdf library to RPGNow! Way to go WotC, you will definitely be seeing some of my gaming budget coming your way in coming days. Thank you!

Bonus: the pdfs are of a much higher quality and if you'd bought them in the past from RPGNow, you can download the newer, higher quality versions. Again, Thank you WotC!


Black Vulmea said...

Saints be praised!

Yes, that was a little pun just for you. :^)

Gordon Cooper said...

The bonus you mentioned is very magnanimous of them. I, too, rejoice at the general news. :-D

Anthony said...

People much be raiding the archive in hordes. I can even connect to the server. :)

Anthony said...

Er... "can't"