Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Lost Colonies Session 51

Having successfully slain the water hydra, which made its home in the lake which the party had to traverse in order to get to the toadmen priests, our stalwart adventurers hunkered down, expecting that their recent victory would garner unwanted attention. The ensuing battle happen in fits and starts and was greatly aided by a tactic used by Ahkmed the Dwelf to greatly reduce the morale of the toadmen.

Ahkmed decided to play the part of a fire demon by pouring oil all over himself and then lighting the oil on fire, taking full advantage of his Ring of Fire Protection. He made his appearance by jumping down onto a group of Toadmen, gutting one of them and then claiming to be their doom. The subsequent morale check was horrendous and the battle went in a rather slap stick direction from there.

As a side note, Ahkmed has had to wear a small leather bag on one of his fingers since the party dimension hopped onto a space ship because he touched something super-sticky. The bag was his way of dealing with the problem. Little did he know that all he had to do was pour oil on it to make it go away. Therefore, I had a very good laugh when I informed Ahkmed’s player this and that this was first time that he had mentioned pouring oil on any part of his body for almost twenty sessions.

The party then pooled resources to swim into the caves where the priests were supposed to be. Ahkmed continued his charade, which worked well on some of the weaker toadmen, but the spell casters managed to hold there own, and a few party members (via some well timed Hold Person spells) Fortunately for the party, they managed to prevent the priests from opening several cages with rabid toadmen tadpoles and stirges. Things might very well have gotten ugly indeed.

In the end, they managed to defeat all of the spell casters, coming away with a nice haul of potions. One of our newer players learned the lesson that throwing a magic weapon in the middle of combat (especially when an opponent might be immune to non-magical weapons) is not a good idea. The party also learned that Fidgewik is an excellent cook. He convinced everybody that strirges could make good eats and proceeded to roll a natural 20 to see how delicious they actually are. He was instantly hired by the party to be the head cook of Fedorsha’s tavern back in Headwaters (where stirge may end up on the menu).

The session ended as the party realized that by pooling spells, several potions that they already had in their possession as well as those that they found with the toadmen priests, they had enough fly and levitate effects to take a vertical shaft into dungeon territory they were more familiar with. As a result, everyone happily returned to Headwaters where Fidgewik eagerly took up his new vocation.

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Anthony said...

"Having successfully slain the water hydra, which made its home in the lake which the party had to traverse in order to get to the toadmen priests,..."

Sounds like the opening of a fairy tale. :)