Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Edges and Corners

Awhile back, I gave Dave of Dave's Mapper a number of geomorphs to add to his awesome website and tool that he happily provides for our use and inspiration. All this time my name did not have the code EC next to it because I had not yet contributed any edge or corner geomorphs. Truth be told, I had, but for a variety of reasons Dave has been unable to add them to his site...until now.

Thus, I wanted to give everybody a heads up that Dave has added not only my edges and corners, but a bunch of other geomorphs for our perusal and use. I would also like to publicly thank Dave and all the other contributors for providing such a great resource.

Finally, I thought I'd share the first map generated by Dave's Mapper using my old geomorphs combined with my edges and corners:



Dave Przybyla said...

I was not aware of Dave's Mapper. It looks very impressive.

Anthony said...