Thursday, January 26, 2012

Map: Manor House

I have been re-tooling some of my work on my version of the Chateau des Faussesflammes, concentrating primarily on the ruins that are above the dungeons below. The first step I took was to make a map of the Chateau (which is really a manor house) prior to its ruination. This way I can make various adjustments, depending on when the Chateau is entered.

This manor house sits atop a hill. The stairs lead up to the front terrace and there is a ramp leading up to the back terrace. The fortifications (including the barracks at the front and the towers at the back) are later additions. Originally built during a time of stability and peace, the fortifications became necessary as the Merovingian dynasty declined from its apex. Though it adapted an already existing space, the chapel is also a later addition, after the line adopted Christianity.

Here is the map itself:

Here is a rough key:
  1. Entrance Hall
  2. Inner Court/Garden
  3. Sitting Room
  4. Music Room
  5. Storage
  6. Kitchen
  7. Storage
  8. Servant's Dining Room
  9. Servant's Foyer
  10. Powder Room
  11. Sitting Room
  12. Great Hall
  13. Gallery
  14. Trophy Room
  15. Dancing Room
  16. Dancing Room
  17. Dining Hall
  18. Storage
  19. Trophy Room
  20. Coat Room
  21. Storage
  22. Gallery
  23. Dining Hall
  24. Storage
  25. Trophy Room
  26. Coat Room
  27. Gallery
  28. Study
  29. Sitting Room
  30. Changing Room
  31. Training Room
  32. Changing Room
  33. Sitting Room
  34. Reception Room
  35. Study
  36. Narthex
  37. Chapel; a=Vestry
  38. Reception Room
  39. Study
  40. Reading Room
  41. Library
  42. Secret Study
  43. Front Terrace (protected by a portcullis)
  44. Back Terrace
  45. Tower
  46. Entrance Ramp
  47. Barracks; a=Soldier's Quarters; b=NCO Quarters; c=Officer's Quarters; e=Guard Room
Stairs labelled with 'd' go down and those with 'u' go up.