Thursday, April 14, 2011


I've been meditating on megadungeons recently. Intellectually, I adore them. Although there are plenty of historical examples of dungeons underneath cities, megadungeons don't really make much sense from a realistic, practical point of view. And I don't care. They are all about exploring weird, scary and mysterious places. They are all about delving into the mythical underworld. They only need to have a sort of internal logic and *BOOM* my suspension of disbelief is firmly in place, and I am ready for the ride.

Speaking of internal logic (and a great way to spend the time), a fantastic way to come up with a megadungeon that has a history, of sorts, is the game How To Host a Dungeon. I usually will stop play when things look "interesting" and record a map, inhabitants, etc. Here is an example of one of my favorites:
To date, no one has found this place. It exists, somewhere, waiting to be explored. . .


  1. I love How to Host a Dungeon, and that is a great finished map!

  2. Great looking map! Sideview FTW. :)

  3. Great application of a great (and fun!) tool.

  4. They do if every civilization in the world had to go underground. But, then again, I put that up somewhere already, so I'm probably biased.

  5. @Dyson @ze bulette @Theodric

    Thus, internal suspension of disbelief is now firmly in place.

  6. Wow, thanks for playing my game and thanks for turning into such a gorgeous map! Now I know that my efforts were worth it. :)

  7. @Tony

    My pleasure...and thanks for coming up with such a great way to spend a day rolling dice and drawing maps!