Sunday, April 17, 2011

Lost Colonies Session 37

This was one of the shortest sessions of the campaign, and one of the most brutal. The party decided to delve back into the lair of the Blighted Fist orcs and very quickly found the dragon — but not before the party had made enough noise killing off guards and vandalizing the place that the dragon was completely aware of the invaders. As a result, the party walked right into a buzz saw.

Hamlen, Grak and Orysus all failed their saving throw vs. breath weapon and died. Dn. Goram managed to avoid death and charged the beast in hopes of giving the survivors enough time to escape. The rest of the party, however, had different ideas. One of the things the characters had managed to salvage from the space ship were some unstable energy packs (one of the ways that they managed to cause the reactor meltdown that destroyed the ship just after they managed to escape). Ahkmed, using his ring of invisibility, carefully placed the packs next to the dragon, along with some black power.

Since his own plan had failed to find fruition, Dn. Goram, in desperation, pulled out the Two Swords. He felt a presence well inside him and a voice declared, "I'll take care of this." He then saw a vision of a saint standing before him, expertly wielding the Two Swords.

In the meantime, Fedorsha took aim at the black power/energy pack combo. The result was a massive explosion that took out the dragon. At this point, Ahkmed pulled out some of the preservation formula he had collected from the dwarven monastery and covered the bodies of the dead party members in a desperate attempt to give them time to find a way to raise them from the dead. They raided the treasure hoard (guarded by a pair of rot grub-infested pits, which they easily got through by casting Resist Fire upon themselves and then setting themselves on fire). They took what they could carry, got onto their giant eagles and got home to Headwaters as quickly as they could.

On the way, Dn. Goram used Speak with the Dead to confer with each party member as to their wishes (both to see if they wished to be raised and if not, what to do with their belongings). The session ended as he then arranged for the party to head to the Monastery of St. Urheim to not only complete his quest to restore to Two Swords to their proper place, but to try to contact the saint himself, in an attempt to find a way to raise his dead compatriots.

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