Wednesday, April 12, 2017

A Random Map

Talysman over at The Nine and Thirty Kingdoms has been meditating on random maps. His most recent post posited a leximorphic method that quite intrigued me. So, in a fit of Gamer ADD, I grabbed my favorite set of RPG random tables, The Tome of Adventure Design, and set about trying Talysman's method.

The Sunken Halls of the Ape Brotherhood

The name of the dungeon rolled up as The Sunken Halls of the Ape Brotherhood. This suggested several things:
  1. There would be a number large halls in the dungeon.
  2. The dungeon would be partially submerged under water.
  3. The letters that suggested themselves for the leximorphic approach were A, P and E.
I decided that each letter area would have its own feel and feature:
  • The 'A' area is highly finished with tile ceilings, floors and walls. Its main feature is The Screaming Temple.
  • The 'P' area is rough hewn from rock. Its main feature is The Bizarre Ice Gateway.
  • The 'E' area is precisely excavated with smooth walls, floors and ceilings. Its main feature is The Lesser Throne of the Golem, which has already been looted of its valuables.
Here is the result of further randomness:

The dark blue indicates an area submerged in water. The darker the color, the deeper the water. The light blue areas indicate ice. The darker the color, the thinner the ice.

The Lesser Throne of the Golem is located in the left-most columned hall.
The Screaming Temple is the odd-shaped room with the square dais and statues.
The Bizarre Ice Gateway is the double doors in the right-most columned hall.

I'll leave the rest to you...