Friday, November 18, 2016

Gamer ADD: Monster Manual II Part 7

Wandering Monster Table Level 3

Oozes and Slimes continue to be my bane when trying to come up with Wandering Monster Tables for an MMII version of Moldvay’s Basic D&D. Even when I finally have an ooze that is appropriately powered, Moldvay puts two in his 3rd level WMT. Thus, once again, I am forced to be creative. Cave morays are described as slug-like, which (like fungi on my earlier WMTs) will have to suffice. Please note: according to the MMII both cave morays and cave fishers have a 100% chance of being in their lairs. Normally, this would disqualify them for a WMT; however, the Basic D&D stat block has no such entry. Thus, whether or not these creatures can wander (and both are capable of movement) is entirely up to the Referee/GM/DM. Especially since I am running short on appropriate monsters to fill these roles, I am using that implied freedom to allow these creatures to roam:

  1. Banderlong (4 HD)
  2. Pedipalp (2+2)
  3. Derro (3*)
  4. Land Urchin (3+3)
  5. Cave Fisher (3)
  6. Scorpion (4+4*)
  7. Shadow Dragon (4*)
  8. Chrystal Ooze (4*)
  9. Fire Bat (2)
  10. Elfin Cat (3+6*)
  11. Taer (3+6*)
  12. Swordmaster (3rd level fighter)
  13. Myconid (4*)
  14. NPC Party (var.)
  15. Cave Moray (4+4)
  16. Ophidian (3*)
  17. Elemental (Harginn) (4+4**)
  18. Giant Bee (3+1*)
  19. Zombie, Juju (3+12*)
  20. Zombie, Monster (6)

Seriously, I am more and more interested in this implied world. It has a dark fantasy feel to it, with a constant sense of corruption and decay. In a weird sense, it reminds me of Ravenloft, only better. There is no need for special rules, the undead are all man-made Frankenstein’s monsters, and the vampires aren’t Transylvanian, they’re reptilian. Plus, it has dinosaurs. Yep, I’m going to have do something with this…

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