Friday, April 6, 2012

Slave Pits: Another 3x5 Map

I must say that this whole experiment with 3x5 index cards to create dungeon maps has been very liberating for me. Especially in context of re-imagining the Slave Pits of the Undercity, being able to pay homage to the original material and yet transform it into something new has been far easier and far more satisfying that I ever expected.

I was able to take those elements that I really like about the original map of the sewers underneath the temple in A1 and place them on individual 3x5 index cards. Then, I added those elements that I wanted to include on other 3x5 cards and began to fiddle, arrange and rearrange.

For comparison, here is the original map of the sewers:

And here is the dungeon I came up with using 3x5 cards:

BTW: If you want to see yet another application of this 3x5 index card idea that rocks, check out what Telecanter is doing here.


Anthony said...

Marvelous. Another map I just love.I'd buy a book of these without hesitation.

Necropraxis said...

That is beautiful, and so varied. I imagine it would be a blast to explore. No simple succession of 30x30 rooms followed by simple corridors.

Jim said...

Well done! I really like this map! Thanks for sharing!