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More Maps

These are maps of the tombs, the tower and the gatehouse found in the Southern Ruins.


G.1 Both doors in this room are locked, wooden and reinforced gates. The gate on the eastern side is also sealed shut. Even if the gate is unlocked, it will not open without knocking the gate down. If care is not taken, anyone knocking the gate in will find themselves on the other side of the gate where there is a 20 foot spiked pit. At one time there was a ramp that spanned the pit, but that has long since rotted away. Anyone who wishes to get past the pit will have to rig some kind of bridge or climb the steep rock face on either side of the pit.
G.2 Sleeping Area. A total of 8-12 Chiata will be in the Gatehouse at any given time. Half of them will be in this room sleeping.
G.3 Guardroom. 1 or 2 Chiata will be here at any given time. They are armed with crossbows and one will be a shadow caster with Darkness 30' radius which they will cast the moment any combat appears likely. This will make targeting the Chiata from outside the gatehouse extremely difficult. Note: this spell will affect the adjacent room G.4 as well.
G.4 Guardroom. 1 Chiata armed with a crossbow is here at any given time.
G.5 The stairs go down to Room 1 on Map Level 1C.


Please note: Tower Level 1 is the ground level.
T.1 The exterior door is unlocked and recessed into the wall, creating a small ledge large enough to ge a toe hold. The ledge is a pressure plate that arms a trap triggered when the door is opened. A springloaded blade will cut across the opening in front of the door, dislodging or cutting any climbing devise attached to the ledge. Anyone in the doorway must make two saves. One to reduce the d8 damage of the blade in half, the other to avoid being knocked off the ledge.
T.5 This room is open to the sky. The parapets around the room are about 4 feet high. Off towards the north, just over the hills, a strange energy can be seen. It is barely visible during the day, especially the noon hours. However, at night it is impossible to miss. In the middle of the room is a giant glass lens held fast on a stand so that it faces the energy field. Carved into the interior of the lens is the visage of a tentacled flying eye. The stand is fixed to the floor and lens weighs far more than it ought to. The whole area radiates magic. At sunset (and/or any other predetermined or random times the Referee sees fit), the lens somehow focuses the energy field in the north to spot on the southern side of the room. Anyone standing within that beam must make a save or take 2d6 points of damage. A successful save results in a mutation. This can either be determined randomly (using tables from Mutant Future) or by Referee fiat.
T.8 The stairs lead down to Room 24 on Map Level 1B. The stairs are protected by an illusion. Instead of stairs, there appears to be a solid floor and at the end of the room there appears to be a niche in the wall containing a golden statue of some cthuloid being. Anyone who moves forward toward the statue will fall into Room 24 below, which is protected by a permanent Silence spell.
The rest of the rooms I leave for the Referee to leave empty or fill with whatever they desire.

Tomb 1

1.1 Trash Heap. This room is filled with refuse. The Xeraphi who occupy the tombs use this to dispose of their waste.
1.1a Grafitti. Carved into the wall of this alcove are the words: Yog-Sothoth knows the gate. Yog-Sothoth is the gate. Yog-Sothoth is the key and guardian of the gate.
1.2 Ooze Lair. A pool of Grey Ooze has been lured here by the refuse that the Xeraphi deposit in 1.1.

Tomb 2

2.1 Guard Room. A pair of Hyenas guard this area.
2.2 Sleeping area. Up to twelve Xeraphi will be sleeping or resting here.

Tomb 3

3.1 Guard Room. Four Hyenas guard this area.
3.2 Lieutenant's Room. The lieutenant of the Xeraphi war band sleeps here. He has four Skeletons as bodyguards.
3.2a Treasure. Three locked chests containing a total of 3487 cp and 589 sp and 62 gp has been shoved into this alcove. Two Zombies stand guard and will attack anyone besides the chief who touches the chests.

Tomb 4

4.1 Entry.
4.2 Guard Room. Four Xeraphi will ambush adventurers entering 4.1.
4.3 Zombie Room. A pair of Zombies await in the alcoves to attack any one other than the Necromancer.
4.4 Necromancer's Lair. The Xeraphi Necromancer (3HD) can summon 1d4-1 Skeletons per round. She also has a scroll with Protection from Good and Curse.
4.4a There is an obsidian statue of a clawed humanoid with a multi-eyed, tentacled head. Six 50 gp gems are stored in a secret compartment inside the statue.
4.5 Stairs. The stairs go down to Room 1 of Level 1A.
4.5a A pair of Skeletons stand guard.
4.5b A Zombie rings a gong when adventures enter this room, warning those at the bottom of the stair.

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