Thursday, July 30, 2009

Dungeon Below Map Level 1A

This is a map of one of the sections of the first level of the Dungeon Below. It is accessible from the Tombs in the Southern Ruins. In writing up room descriptions, I have kept things to a minimum in order to allow more freedom and creativity on the part of anyone wishing to use this material. As such, I have followed Moldvay's suggestions on stocking a dungeon. Prior to the room descriptions are encounter tables. These can be used to stock this level and as wondering monster tables.

Monster Table

1-2 Humanoid
3 Vermin
4 Animal
5 Undead
6 Bottom Feeder

Humanoid Subtable

1-2 Xeraphi (1-6)
3 Xeraphi (2-8)
4 Xeraphi Necromancer + Sketelons (2-4)
5 Kouphasa (1-6)
6 Chiata (1-3)

Vermin Subtable

1 Giant Rats
2 Giant Ticks
3 Huge Spider
4 Large Spider
5 Fire Beetles
6 Giant Centipedes

Animal Subtable

1-3 Hyenas (1-4)
4-5 Hyenas (2-6)
6 Badgers

Undead Subtable

1-2 Skeletons
3-4 Zombies
5 Ghouls
6 Ghast

Bottom Feeder Subtable

1-2 Green Slime
3-4 Grey Ooze
5-6 Carcass Crawler


1. Guardroom. Hyenas (4)
2. Tombs. Zombies (10)
3. Guardroom. Xeraphi (2)
4. Guardroom. Xeraphi (2)
16. Failed Experiments. This room is filled with bodies and body parts that did not or only partially animated during the experiments the Necromancer from Room 30 has been conducting. At any time there are 2d6 partially animated experiments here. Treat each as a 1/2 HD zombie with a 1 in 4 chance of having a Mark of Chaos.
16a. Treasure
25. Guardroom. Xeraphi (4)
26. Guardroom. Hyenas (4)
27. Tombs/Storeroom. This room is full of dead bodies ready for experimentation. Treasure.
28. Guardroom. Xeraphi (4)
29. Necromancer's Quarters. Treasure.
30. Necromancer's Lab. In addition to being able to summon 1d3-1 Skeletons per round, the Necromancer has the following spells: Protection from Good, Shield and Mirror Image.
30a. This is a large cauldron with carved runes glowing with a malevolent red light. Within is a black ooze. Bodies placed within the cauldron will animate fully on a 1 or partially on a 2 when rolling a d4. These animations act as zombies, but are imbued with the black ooze. As a result they each having the following Marks of Chaos:
+1d4 HD
Wound caused by the creatures cannot be healed magically
Anyone killed by the creature will rise as a "black ooze zombie" in d6 rounds.


Matthew Slepin said...

Man, you do purty, purty maps. Did yuo do this with Illustrator like your wilderness maps?

FrDave said...

Thanks Matthew. Yes, I do all my maps in Illustrator using layers. I have one for the background, one for the shadow, one for the map, one for the grid (on which I use a clipping mask using the map layer) and one for the key. Again, thanks for the kind words.