Monday, February 12, 2024

Dragon Events

Inspired by my last post, I decided to create some random tables to emulate the kinds of events the appearance of a dragon might be the harbinger of. What follows are seven tables. The first six are different kinds of events. I provide each with a number in case you want to randomly determine which table to roll on. Alternatively, each table could be assigned to a specific type of hybrid monster. The seventh table is a kind of narrative tool, where something is revealed. Whether this revelation is a cause, effect, or just happenstance is up to you. Enjoy.

1. Death

    1. King 
    2. Queen 
    3. Heir 
    4. Bishop 
    5. Guild Leader 
    6. General

2. Event

    1. Refugees 
    2. Shortage (equipment) 
    3. Shortage (food) 
    4. New taxes 
    5. Rise of a new religion 
    6. King goes insane

3. War

    1. Peasant Revolt 
    2. Massacre 
    3. Civil War 
    4. Invasion 
    5. PCs Kingdom defends another kindgom 
    6. PCs kingdom attacks another kingdom

4. Magic

    1. Arcane Magic effects halved dawn to dusk & Divine Magic effects halved dusk to dawn
    2. Magic effects double during New & Full Moon
    3. Magic effects are randomly normal, half-effective, or twice as effective
    4. Arcane spells with random effects are at advantage dusk to dawn & Divine spells with random effects are at advantgae dawn to dusk
    5. Magic does not work at dusk and dawn
    6. Recovering Spells takes twice as long

5. Natual Disaster

    1. Blizzard/Heatwave
    2. Avalanche/Mudflow/Wildfire
    3. Hurricane/Tornado
    4. Flood/Tsumani
    5. Earthquake
    6. Volcano

6. Stange Events

    1. Unending Fog
    2. Days shorten to 12 hours
    4. Days lengten to 48 hours
    5. Seasons last a month
    6. Seasons last 6 months


    1. New Ally
    2. New Creature
    3. New Race
    4. New Enemy
    5. New Civilization
    6. New Disease

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semiurge said...

Good stuff, both this and your last post - does a lot to reclaim the mythic/folkloric resonance of these monsters that can get lost in all the stats.