Monday, June 21, 2021

Skylin (Dogfolk) Race-as-Class for BX

Icon of St. Christopher with the head of a dog


Prime Requisite: CON
Requirements: DEX 9
Hit Dice: d8
Maximum Level: 12

It is said that during one of the great beastmen incursions, there was a cleric whose face was so disfugured that he was often mistaken for a beastman himself. He took it as a sign that he should proselytize the faith to the beastmen. Despite the seeming foolishness of the endeavor, he did mange to convert a large number of what are derogatorily known as dogfolk. They call themselves Skylin, which means "loyal ones" in their own language (a dialect of gnollish). The name is apt, since Skylin are loyal to a fault. To this day, they honor the disfigured cleric as Theophoros — "The one who carries God."

  • Combat: Skylin may use any armor, shield, and weapon and use the combat and saving throw tables of fighters
  • Bite: Skylin are always considered to be armed and can bite for 1d4 damage
  • Dark Vision: Skylin have 60 ft. of infravison
  • Tracking: Skylin are gifted trackers and have a 4 in 6 chance of tracking a quarry by scent
  • Dog-like Appearance: Due to their beastman origins, Skylin have a hard time recruiting human henchman — all attempts are made at -1 reaction and human henchmen will have a -1 morale penalty
  • Loyalty: Skylin characters must pledge themselves to a cause, nation, or leader before they can advance to 3rd level. Once chosen, the Skylin will never waiver from that pledge, even if it means death
  • Languages: Skylin can speak common and gnollish
  • Stonghold: Upon reaching 9th level, a Skylin may build a stronghold and attempt to establish a Skylin clan. The stronghold may be above or below ground.
XP Progression:
Level 2: 1,800
Level 3: 3,600
Level 4: 7,200
Level 5: 14,400
Level 6: 28,800
Level 7: 57,600
Level 8: 108,000
Level 9: 228,000
Level 10:348,000
Level 11: 468,000
Level 12: 588,000

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  1. I like this. I have a perfect use for these good boys. I just started a new campaign and there are dogmen who live nearby.