Thursday, July 25, 2019

ba5ic: A Rough Draft of a 5e Continual Light

As I noted in my last post, I am itching to sink my teeth into the D&D Essentials Kit in order to glean a simpler, cleaner version of 5e. Truth be told, this not a new desire. As can be seen here and here, I started a similar effort over a year ago.

I actually have a flawed version of these ideas that is about 64 pages long that I dubbed ba5ic; however, I was never really satisfied with it. More importantly, I found that I really didn’t want to play it. So, despite sending it off to a couple people to get their opinion, I never went back to fix the many problems that it had.

That is, until now. I realized that I could plug in the three “Sidekick” classes from the Essentials Kit into what I already put together last year. In process, not only could I trim some of the fat, but I would have to trim a lot of the fat by virtue of the simplicity of the three classes.

I now have a rough draft that sits at 43 pages. This includes 2 splash pages, a one-page Sample Wilderness and a one-page Sample Dungeon.

Cover Art by James Shields

Truth be told, I think more fat could be trimmed if I knew the system better. I just haven’t played enough 5e to be able to capably simplify some of its subsystems.

That being said, this is something I would love to see get a POD treatment. To that end, I would ask your help. Read it. Spot the multiple typos that I know exist. Spot places that fat can be easily trimmed, and suggest ways to trim even more fat. One obvious place is the equipment list. What stays, what goes? Necessarily, I kept the list of magic items short. Good list? Bad list? What shouldn’t be there and what is missing?

You can download the rough draft here.

Thanks and enjoy.


Ifryt said...

On page 4 there should be an extra step:
Step 4: Choose a Background
Step 5: Equip Character

Anders H said...

I finished my own attempt at this earlier this year.

FrDave said...

Thank you! Fixed.

shanepatrickward said...

This is great. I should note that the backgrounds are not covered under the SRD, they would need to be created from scratch. I was thinking about this last night, and creating my own hack. What I was trying to wrap my head around was creating "race as a class". I may try that later when I have time. It would change a few things however.

FrDave said...

The concept of the Background is, as is the Acolyte specifically. This is why I chose to use Backgrounds as I did — as a way to introduce character concepts that allude to what would become classes in various editions of the game.

matt said...

Whoa, this is pretty darn good! Great job! I still struggle with the weaponized cantrips, but maybe I can get over that...

Saxo said...

Looks great and somehow like a complete game. Well done. Typo spotted in the level progression for each class : you are missing a "t" in "adventure", right now it says "advenure until next level"

Lionel Rudling said...

You never define what it us to have advantage or disadvantage, but refer to it in several paces.