Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Races of the Land of the Ten Clans

I not only want the Land of the Ten Clans to be Asian-flavored fantasy, but I also want it to be human-centric. Therefore, there will none of the standard D&D non-human flavors of demi-humans such as elves, dwarves or halflings. I do, however, want there to be distinct differences between the various human factions. Therefore, rather than using the standard human racial traits, I propose the following:

Humans in the Land of the Ten Clans

  • +1 on two Ability Scores of your choice
  • Proficiency in one Skill of your choice
  • Subrace

Human Subraces in the Land of the Ten Clans

Beongae (Lightning)
  • +1 Str
  • Advantage on Athletic checks when swimming; auto succeed on DC10 or less
  • Double Con when determining how long you can hold your breath
  • Languages: Common and Beongaego
Doku (Poison)
  • +1 Int
  • Ability to write in a Cipher that requires magic or a DC of (your Int + Proficiency Bonus) to read. It is possible to teach allies to read your cipher without a check.
  • Languages: Common, Dokugo plus 3 additional Languages of your choice
Gweilo (Outsider)
  • Gain 3 proficiencies in any combination of skills or tools of your choice
  • Languages: Common and Gweilogo
Huo (Fire)
  • +1 Con
  • Base Move is 35 feet
  • Advantage on Con Saves vs. Exhaustion
  • Languages: Common and Huogo
Korudo (Cold)
  • +1 to an Ability of Choice
  • Gain Saving Throw Proficiency with that Ability
  • Languages: Common and Korudogo
Suan (Acid)
  • +1 Wis
  • You can read lips. As long as you can see a person's lips, you can get a good idea of what that person is saying (though not exact without actually hearing the person) 
  • +5 on passive Wisdom (Perception) and passive Int (Investigation) scores
  • Languages: Common and Suango

This set-up also allows me to change what are considered to be Standard Languages in the Land of the Ten Clans. Here is the list, where the Script from more traditional D&D languages is indicated in parenthesis:
Common (Draconic)
Beongaego (Elvish)
Dokugo (Draconic)
Hengeyokai (Elvish)
Gweilogo (Celestial)
Huogo (Draconic)
Korudogo (Dwarvish)
Oni (Infernal)
Suango (Draconic)
Note: I do plan to allow PCs to be Hengeyokai, but rather than a separate race, they will be represented by a Background.

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