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Holmes & Cook: Ring Spells

As he does with Wand Spells, Holmes lists Ring Spells under Scrolls in his Magic Items tables. Like Wand Spells, there are those that duplicate known spells (Invisibility, Fire Resistance and Telekineses); however there are several that suggest even more powerful ancient arcane magic than those found in Wand Spells.

Animal Control

Charm Monster (a 4th level spell) affects any one creature like charm person unless they are 3HD or less, in which case 3d6 creatures are affected. Animal Control specifies animals, as opposed to any creature; however, no saving throw is indicated. In addition, 3d6 small animals, 2d8 medium-sized animals or 1d6 large animals are affected. It requires concentration. As such, I think it a 4th level spell.


This is an intriguing special effect. It is a curse that requires its victim to do (nearly) the opposite of what is requested of them. Holmes gives the example that if told not to kill themselves, victims of the spell might attempt to kill others. As a curse, it requires a Remove Curse spell to remove. The closest special effect found in an extant spell in either Holmes or Cook is Confusion (a 4th level spell). It only controls its victims for 12 rounds. This suggests that Contrariness is 5th level.

Control Human

Whereas Charm Person affects one individual, Control Human may affect up to 6HD at one time and all saves are at -2. This suggests that Control Human is a 2nd level spell.

Djinni Summoning

Although Conjure Elemental (a 5th level spell) conjures creatures with a greater HD, a Djinni has several spell-like special abilities. While Conjure Elemental has an indefinite duration (vs. 1 day with Djinni Summoning), it requires concentration and Djinni Summoning does not. Therefore Djinni Summoning is also a 5th level spell.

Plant Control

Growth of Plant is a 4th level spell and affects 3000' sq. Plant Control can affect 1d6 large plants or a 10'x10' area of smaller plants. This suggests a 3rd level spell.

Protection (Plate +1)

Shield grants an AC 2 vs. missiles and an AC 4 in melee. Protection from Evil (1st level) gives a +1 to saves. Thus Protection (Plate +1) is 2nd level.

Protection +1, 5'r.

Protection from Evil 10'r is 3rd level; therefore Protection +1, 5'r. should be 2nd level.

Spell Storing

There really is no extant spell in either Holmes or Cook that is similar to this effect. Given its extreme power and utility, I would say that it requires 1000gp/spell level stored in the object prepared (x10 the amount required to create a scroll in Holmes) and is a 6th level spell.

Spell Turning

This effect is similar to Anti-magic Shell (6th level) which affactes all spells coming in or out, canceling them for a duration of 12 turns. Spell Turning affects 2d6 spells directed at the caster and reflects them back. This suggests a 6th level spell.

Water Walking

Water Breathing is a 3rd level spell. This suggests that Water Walking is a 2nd level spell.


This curse affects defense, attack and carrying ability. Curse (the reverse of Bless) is a 2nd level spell that lasts 6 turns. This suggests that weakness (which can only be removed with a Remove Curse spell) should be at least 3rd level.

X-Ray Vision

Wizard Eye (4th level) has a range of 240', has infravision and a duration of 6 turns. X-Ray Vision can see through either 30' (stone, etc.) or 60' (wood, etc.) and has a duration of 1 turn. This suggests a 2nd level spell.

Ring Spell List

  1. Animal Control (4th level)
  2. Contrariness (5th level)
  3. Control Human (2nd level)
  4. Djinni Summoning (4th level)
  5. Plant Control (3rd level)
  6. Protection (Plate +1) (2nd level)/Protection +1, 5'r. (2nd level)
  7. Spell Storing (6th level)
  8. Spell Turning (6th level)
  9. Water Walking (2nd level)
  10. Weakness (3rd level)
  11. X-Ray Vision (2nd level)
  12. Roll Twice
Like Wand Spells, these are ancient spells that have been lost and therefore can only be gained by finding them through adventuring.

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