Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Sans Computer or Internet

Over the last week or so, I've been traveling. Though I did bring my laptop and did intend to continue to stay up-to-date and blog, I found that the places I ended up in did not allow for easy access to the internet. This proved to be an interesting experience and reminded me of why I have always preferred pencil and paper games over their computer counter parts.

The vast majority of my week was taken up with spending time with friends, their families and their friends. I sat around tables, ate and got to know and catch-up with people face-to-face. Though I was briefly frustrated by the lack of access to the internet and the (non)utility of my laptop, this paled in comparison to the joy of being with all of the people I love.

One of the great parts of being in this hobby is the people I get to play with and interact with. As wonderful and awesome as the internet is, it just can't compare to being able to look someone in the eye.

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