Monday, December 28, 2009

An Experimental Map

I am a big fan of celtic knots and was wondering how one might look and function as a dungeon map. This is designed to be a pair of identical sub-levels in any existing dungeon. The entire map radiates of magic.

1) Entrance. At the center of this circular room is a set of spiral stairs going up. All the doors are of the same smooth gray material, open whenever anyone approaches within 5 feet and close when when no one is within 5 feet.

2) These rooms are featureless. The doors are similar to Room 1 except that they do not automatically open. The 'T' at the center of the room indicates a trigger for a teleportation device that teleports everyone in the room to the corresponding room in the other identical sub-level.

3) These rooms function as Room 2; however on the wall without any doors are four levers. They are colored Green, Blue, Orange and Black. Currently they are all in the down position. Unless the Referee decides otherwise, they have no function.


Unknown said...

beautiful map. I imagine it would be very confusing to explore as a player.

Robert Conley said...

Oh the horror of 45 degree corridors. Something that you and Dave Arneson have in common (see First Fantasy campaign Dungeon maps)

On a more serious note you did an excellent job on the map.

ze bulette said...

This is awesome. Cheers

FrDave said...

Thanks for the kind words

Yes, 45 degree corridors are a pain to map for players. Add to that the interweaving of the corridors and you have a mapper's nightmare!

Walter said...

Very beautiful

Christopher said...

Just wanted to let you know that I'm going to use this room, with some tweaking, as a teleporting elevator for the megadungeon I'm starting. Thanks!