Saturday, August 1, 2009

Monster: Sons of Cyn

Sons of Cyn

Armor Class: Variable
Hit Dice: Variable
Attacks: Variable
Saving Throw: Variable
Special: Mask of Cyn
Move: Variable
Morale: 10
Challenge Level/XP: Variable

Somewhere in the distant past the Brain Lashers (see Mutant Future) conquered a race of evil humans and enslaved them. Bread for food and a cheap workforce, over time and exposure to the pure chaos that fueled the Brain Lasher's machines, the humans mutated. Today they appear as emanciated albinos wearing metallic masks that cover the whole head. Underneath their masks, they have long, gaunt features and pointed ears. Given that many of their masks are identical, they sport individualizing tatoos. Over the centuries of their enslavement, they cultivated a deep resentment and kept alive myths of their great and glorious past before the coming of the Brain Lashers. For centuries they could not summon up sufficient strength to free themselves. Gradually, in secret, they developed magics that could counter the Brain Lashers power over them. Finally, under the leadership of a man named Cyn, they rebelled against their captors. After a long and bloody struggle, they succeeded in gaining their freedom; however, the very magic that allowed them to break from their yoke drove them insane. The unity they forged under the leadership of Cyn was shattered. In the chaos of the infighting, Cyn himself disappeared.

Currently, there are six factions who all claim to be the true Sons of Cyn: Cynthimos, Cynpothos, Cynlypi, Cynadunami, Cynperifani, Cynaplusti. As each faction tries to build its version of the race's glorious past, they wage war and make tenuous treaties with each other and with the Brain Lashers. Normally, these vicious and violent conflicts occur deep within the earth. Occasionally, however, they do spill out onto the surface. Death and destruction always follow.

The masks that the Sons of Cyn wear are called Masks of Syn. They make the wearer immune to the mental attacks of the Brain Lasher and make it impossible for them to feed on the wearer's brain. Each faction wears its own version of the mask, each of which grants the wearer one of the following powers:

Cynthimos: Shocking Grasp 3/day for 3d6 damage

Cynpothos: Charm Person 3/day.

Cynlypi: Haste 3/day. This only affects the user who must rest for double the duration of the spell or suffer damage equal to half her HP.

Cynadunami: Body Adjustment. The user can heal all of their HP once every 24 hours. In addition, if in a life or death situation the user can double their STR, DEX and CON. This latter power can be used 1d4 times per week.

Cynperifani: Mind Thrust. Range 50' damage 1,2 or 3d6. Power must recharge for one round per d6 used in the last attack. Please note: anyone wearing a Mask of Cyn get a save vs. spell to negate this damage.

Cynaplusti: Mental Phantasm. The user is capable of creating a realistic, illusory environment in the mind of another conscious creature. These visions are realistic to all senses but touch. Once the target tries to make physical contact with any element of the phantasm it dissolves into reality.

Each faction is ruled by an undying wizard-king and can be distinguished by both their masks and their dress. Sons of Cyn will rarely be encountered outside their lair in parties greater than 4. A typical party consists of two trainees (1st or 2nd level fighter or magic user) one fighter of level 3-5 and a leader who functions as a 5th level elf. Sons of Cyn have normal human chances for possession of magic items.

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